Being raised in a loving and understanding family I realized what it is like to feel important and wanted

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They never left me alone at times I feel super down and hurt. I learned to never take things for granted because regrets happen at the end of the happening. Be grateful of what you have today and strive to have more in the next day, never settle for less. That is all I have to say about myself and I hope you might find to know yourself too.

What can I say … I’m made that way!

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I feel understanding our responsibilities, knowing our worth and acting accordingly is the most important thing that we, as a person should know. It teaches us a lot of things we need to know to survive in this world. [Of course] we get confused at times, we lose our tracks.. but these are the things which will eventually help us pull up back together. These are the things which we’re made of!

I hope to discover a new creative aspect to my life during my studies and understand who I am as a person and what I want to do during my life, while also using this blog as a track of my progress

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My name is Natasha and I am a University student currently studying Visual Arts and Design. I am interested in design and enjoy art; I hope to pursue a career in either graphic or interior design.