I have felt so lost

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Wondering where do I go next ? What do I want to do ? What am I good at (feels like nothing)? Can I do something? Anything ? All these different questions and I have not one answer. I have felt so empty and so unsuccessful this past year. My husband and kids are wonderful , but I want to be better for them . Honestly I feel if I’m successful in whatever I can do , I can fine some kind of inner peace and finally be the mom I’m trying so desperately to be. So I came here. To start something new, something different, something I enjoy. However I am a little nervous 💜 wish me luck in finding , ME 💜💗


I hope you find something positive from my ramblings, whether you found it funny, relatable, or informative

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I want to talk about things that are important to me. I want to prove to the world, including myself, that disabled people are as wonderful and as messy as everybody else. I want to address things that others might not want to or care about. And, of course, there are going to be times where I am very very silly. There will be puns, be warned. I’m also an aspiring author/creative genius, so expect odd bits of poetry and the like. Again, some of it will be silly. Some of it might be filthy, so if you’re my dad reading this, there will be warnings for saucy content, fear not.