If my struggles inspire or sooth someone who is going through something in the process, all the better :)

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A lot’s been going on in my life that’s been hard to process. And most of it has been a struggle between being forced to do a job in finance, and pursuing music. In some sense, this struggle has broken me many times. Perhaps the biggest wake up call was a breakup that happened last year in June. It really changed my perspective on everything. I learnt that suppressing what you want, and trying to please others only leads to you losing everything.


I hope to discover a new creative aspect to my life during my studies and understand who I am as a person and what I want to do during my life, while also using this blog as a track of my progress

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My name is Natasha and I am a University student currently studying Visual Arts and Design. I am interested in design and enjoy art; I hope to pursue a career in either graphic or interior design.


Please join me on my journey to share my love of books and reading

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I want to start by sharing a little about myself. My name is Ashley and I am 26 years old. Books are a huge part of my life. I even have a book related tattoo. I am currently finishing up my last semester of college and hope to pursue a career in book publishing in the area of marketing! I am hoping to publish children’s and young adult novels mostly.


My MBTI type is INFJ

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I am definitely an empath and I tend to focus my future goals and ambitions around making sure I am working to better the lives of others. This have obviously carried over into my career choice of being a public interest/civil rights lawyer. I find the experience of taking personality test entertaining and eye opening, it makes me self-aware and more appreciative of some of my personality traits that I often overlook. […] It helps me feel a bit more in-tune with myself and who I am because sometimes in the midst of things (especially nowadays) it can be hard to check in with yourself and reflect on things like your values, goals, and personality traits that make you who you are.