I’ve got this warrior mentality about me now

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I came home and hit brick wall after brick wall. Things were not easy. And to top it off- people were so advanced. I knew nothing about technology anymore, I wasn’t truly knowledgeable about current events… I felt so out of place.


I invite you to join me on a journey towards a vague sense of self awareness, or at least some narcissistic navel gazing, which I will carefully endeavour to keep as random and rambling as possible

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Since you asked, I’m an aimless millenial who loves red lipstick, cats and dogs, long hikes, the eerie hours of the early morning when no one else is yet awake, and contemplating the meaninglessness of life with all its rich possibilities. I like lots of other things, too, of course, but long drawn out introductions do tend to feel a little awkward, and besides, (God forbid!) my mum might be reading this (hi, mum). A lady needs a little mystique 😉


Being raised in a loving and understanding family I realized what it is like to feel important and wanted

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They never left me alone at times I feel super down and hurt. I learned to never take things for granted because regrets happen at the end of the happening. Be grateful of what you have today and strive to have more in the next day, never settle for less. That is all I have to say about myself and I hope you might find to know yourself too.


I think my life would be in shambles if I don’t have my planner with me

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I don’t know if it’s weird, but I really enjoy writing in my planner- or just simply planning. Aside from the benefits I’m experiencing, I think it just helps me to feel like I am in control. Like I have everything in my life under control. I don’t like if everything is hectic, messy, and out of control. It’d make me feel uncapable and weak.


If my struggles inspire or sooth someone who is going through something in the process, all the better :)

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A lot’s been going on in my life that’s been hard to process. And most of it has been a struggle between being forced to do a job in finance, and pursuing music. In some sense, this struggle has broken me many times. Perhaps the biggest wake up call was a breakup that happened last year in June. It really changed my perspective on everything. I learnt that suppressing what you want, and trying to please others only leads to you losing everything.