When we begin to share our hurts, struggles, fears and disappointments as well as our triumphs, joys and successes then we begin to realize that we are all not that different and that we can all learn something from someone else

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so I’m sharing my story, the good, the bad, the things I’ve learnt and seen. This blog will be a space to be real and honest and vulnerable and I hope you will feel the same. It won’t be an advise column or a fix it manual but it will be the story of how a girl with the grace and goodness and faithfulness of God is doing this thing called life. I believe that God’s purposes for you and me are GOOD and there’s no way I could tell my story without including Him as the Author. But even if you don’t have a relationship with God can I ask that you don’t stop reading? I feel that there maybe something here that may encourage you too. Is this blog really for you? Yes it is! Because I am writing this with you in mind, my dear friend and I hope you receive it as a gift from a friend.


I’m not completely sure about what I want to put on this blog yet, but the point of creating it was a way to destress and share funny stories and tips

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For some background, I’m a 17 year old hunter/eq rider from New England—I work at my barn, cleaning, riding, grooming, all of that fun stuff. I am also a junior in high school, currently studying for my midterm exams (Calculus is kicking my ass) and procrastinating like nobody knows!