I want to find a way to bring my family and food together and learn a little more about myself

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I am a first time parent. I feel like that has become this huge part of my identity. I am going to be 40 years old, almost half of my life on this earth. Up until now, I never got why people talked so much about their kids, being parents etc. Did they not have a life?


The better we take care of ourselves, the better we are able to show up in the world

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When I’m talking about saying “no”, I don’t mean to the stranger down the street–but to your own family members, your friends, or your work.

Why You Should Say “No” More Often – Jinny Wong

who am i? who are you?

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kelsey elmer

identity: the distinguishing character or personality of a person.

much like the changing of leaves in the fall, i believe that a person’s identity is the same. the tree trunk is a foundation – planted as a young seed or sapling – growing and maturing as the years pass, but never really changing or disappearing. each year, leaves grow, flourish, change color, fall, and bud to start again.

there are some titles and qualities that are innate and unwavering from the day we are born. there are others that are molded by the experiences & people & choices we make throughout our lives. some stay forever, some come and go.

the journey to becoming who i am today has been full of twists and turns, peaks and valleys, good and bad decisions, impulse, planning, spontaneity, peer pressure.

at 24, i’m still not 100% positive i know who i am. i…

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