I love my story, and I love how it has evolved as I have grown, but it is at the point where I want to share it, and I want it to be good enough to share

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Right now, I have two aspirations. One is to publish my book, so I’m working on sharing my personal story and working through the steps to sharing my literary story. A second is to go in to finance counseling. I love numbers and budgeting, and I would love to be able to offer these skills to people who can benefit most from them. Helping someone get out of debt or buy a first house would be as great as seeing my name on the cover of a book.


I wasn’t expecting them anyway so no skin off my back

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I expect things like food, and clothing, and a place to live, and I’ve always had these things. Maybe that’s why I expect them, but they’re not promised to me. They’re not promised to anyone, but they are where the line pretty much stops with me and expectations. I hope for things, but I don’t get myself twisted up over them.