I invite you to join me on a journey towards a vague sense of self awareness, or at least some narcissistic navel gazing, which I will carefully endeavour to keep as random and rambling as possible

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Since you asked, I’m an aimless millenial who loves red lipstick, cats and dogs, long hikes, the eerie hours of the early morning when no one else is yet awake, and contemplating the meaninglessness of life with all its rich possibilities. I like lots of other things, too, of course, but long drawn out introductions do tend to feel a little awkward, and besides, (God forbid!) my mum might be reading this (hi, mum). A lady needs a little mystique 😉


I want to find a way to bring my family and food together and learn a little more about myself

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I am a first time parent. I feel like that has become this huge part of my identity. I am going to be 40 years old, almost half of my life on this earth. Up until now, I never got why people talked so much about their kids, being parents etc. Did they not have a life?


My two dreams is what I grew up with since we love to travel, cook, and eat

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My life lessons would be is that we need to attain to focus on what we want for the betterment of getting to know ourselves. In that process, you might gain or loss especially people but that`s life and a lesson that you would understand their purpose. We should be able to learn to forgive and forget to be able to develop on what we could be. Discover those capabilities that we could offer to anyone and to ourselves. There would be days that some of our behaviors is not what we wanted but we could also fulfill it if we love who we are and what we wanted to be.