I feel like I am betraying the real and awesome me for someone who does not even exist

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I just want to clarify that I am not trying to romanticize my sufferings and neither am I trying to justify my shortcomings. All I want to say is that I accept myself for whatever I am (good or bad) and while I should do everything in my power to overcome my limitations but I cannot hold my real-self accountable to the standards of a fiction (i.e. the made-up non-existent version of myself).


My two dreams is what I grew up with since we love to travel, cook, and eat

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My life lessons would be is that we need to attain to focus on what we want for the betterment of getting to know ourselves. In that process, you might gain or loss especially people but that`s life and a lesson that you would understand their purpose. We should be able to learn to forgive and forget to be able to develop on what we could be. Discover those capabilities that we could offer to anyone and to ourselves. There would be days that some of our behaviors is not what we wanted but we could also fulfill it if we love who we are and what we wanted to be.