I have felt so lost

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Wondering where do I go next ? What do I want to do ? What am I good at (feels like nothing)? Can I do something? Anything ? All these different questions and I have not one answer. I have felt so empty and so unsuccessful this past year. My husband and kids are wonderful , but I want to be better for them . Honestly I feel if I’m successful in whatever I can do , I can fine some kind of inner peace and finally be the mom I’m trying so desperately to be. So I came here. To start something new, something different, something I enjoy. However I am a little nervous 💜 wish me luck in finding , ME 💜💗


I can share with you all the things I’ve learned, not only during my quiet times with God, but also other lessons God is teaching me everyday

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I’m a Christian and my relationship with God is something that I value immensely. When I started this blog, it was quite the opposite. Back in 2018, I struggled a lot with my faith. I questioned it, I felt constrained by it, bored by it and sometimes angered by it. At one point, I told my mum that I sometimes didn’t want to call myself a Christian anymore.